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Rita and Luc, the hosts, have a beautiful guesthouse in Auvergne: Domaine Barreaux. They open their home and host groups of friends. The holidays focus on camaraderie, passion and fun. Domaine Barreaux is a superb location where you’ll receive a warm and homely welcome. It’s the ideal address for daily adventures.

The property is superb, and the welcome is warm. Food is provided in the morning and evening. This gives the group of friends all the breathing space they need to plan an unforgettable holiday.

No boredom

Activities in beautiful Auvergne

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Domaine Barreaux offers a treasure trove of unique activities for anyone looking for an unforgettable holiday. Whether you want to go on an adventure with a group of friends or a romantic escape with your partner, Domaine Barreaux offers something for everyone:

  • Golf holidays
  • Motorcycle holidays
  • Culinary holidays
  • Indulgence holidays

Mix and match activities to create a unique holiday that meets all your expectations. Whether you want to add a bit of adventure to your culinary trip or combine relaxation with golf, Domaine Barreaux gives you the freedom to design your own unique holiday.

Browse our comprehensive list of activities to plan your trip and discover why Domaine Barreaux is truly a destination where unique experiences come together. Welcome to a world of adventure, flavours, relaxation and pure pleasure.


Theme weeks at Domaine Barreaux

We regularly organise exciting theme weeks. Whether you are an avid motorbike enthusiast, looking for exciting local activities, or want to indulge your taste buds during our gourmet experience week, our events are designed to embrace your interests and passions. We invite you to take a look at our calendar for the upcoming months. Find out what’s on the programme and be prepared for unforgettable experiences with us!


A unique place where friendships can develop with extra attention to privacy, cosiness and conviviality.

We want to offer our guests the very best holiday. We do that at Domaine Barreaux, Rita and Luc’s guesthouse in France. We prefer customisation with smaller groups of 10 to 12 people. Conviviality and quality are guaranteed!

Do you have your own suggestion for a get-together?

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