The OFYR Experience

Welcome to ‘The OFYR Experience’ in enchanting Auvergne, France!

Escape the hustle and bustle, and book a unique holiday where culinary delights meet ultimate relaxation. This is the place for epicureans like you. Our master chef, Guy Weyts of STOKE, will enchant your taste buds with his culinary masterpieces.

Only a few spots are available for this edition from 13 to 16 June 2024, so don’t hesitate too long! Sign up now!

During your holiday, you can enjoy a communal culinary feast provided by Guy, Luc and Rita. Moreover, you can cook with Guy and ask all your questions while discovering the art of cooking on an OFYR. Marian and Jeroen of Domaine Bois Bourbon, a friendly Belgian couple who run a vineyard in southern Burgundy, will surprise you with their delicious wines and a tasting during the OFYR experience.

Relax in our luxurious swimming pool, let your stress melt away in the sauna or enjoy the cosy hot tub. For ultimate pampering, book a relaxing massage with Rita. If you are looking for some activity, we offer archery, darts and petanque.

The warm atmosphere and privacy of our location make this week a top experience for anyone who loves pure indulgence.

Don’t hesitate; sign up quickly for this enchanting and delicious experience in Auvergne, the heart of France!

Day 1: Dinner

Enjoy tasty appetisers like amuse-bouches and finger food surrounded by the cosy atmosphere of the OFYR. Taste the smoked Charolais côte de boeuf, served with a delectable assortment of flame-grilled vegetable dishes, and spoil yourself with delicious French cheeses from the region.

Day 2: Extensive menu

Start your day with a full breakfast and indulge your taste buds.

Enjoy a tasty Thai soup with grilled chicken thighs and rice noodles for lunch. Rita uses her Thai/Indonesian spice jars to enhance the flavour, while Guy prepares a culinary treat on the OFYR.

For dinner, we prepare an array of street food and dishes on the OFYR, all enriched with a generous sprinkling of Mediterranean herbs. This is accompanied by wines from Domaine Bois Bourbon. And as icing on the cake, a surprise dessert awaits you.

Day 3: Flambéing game

Start your day with a delicious breakfast.

A buffet of seasonal vegetables with pâtés and regional meat specialities awaits you for lunch.

In the evening, treat yourself to an exciting display of grilled, roasted and flambéed seafood and shellfish. This exquisite range of flavours is enriched with Guy’s special STOKE spices, which were specially developed for the OFYR. To conclude the meal, we will serve French toast STOKE style.

Day 4: Finale

Start your day with a full breakfast for maximum energy.

At lunch, enjoy a kickass Caesar salad with slow-cooked and roasted chicken, a delicious and flavourful choice for a closing meal.

We enjoy some cigars, French whisky (Armonik Double Maturation), and Tarne Vilanova Terrocita peat whisky. Visit local wineries Domaine Nebout and Domaine Berioles. Cooking with Guy is optional. Take part in activities like petanque, archery or darts. Relax at the bar, enjoy our wellness facilities, or sunbathe on the terrace. Massages are available for a fee.

13 to 16 June 2024 | The OFYR Experience


Maximum number of participants 12 (some places still available)

Price: €695 per person


  • a comfortable room with en suite bathroom
  • extensive menus every day
  • soft towels
  • access to wellness facilities
  • a unique culinary experience with Guy Weyts
A week pure enjoying

Guy Weyts van STOKE

Experience delicious dishes made by master chef Guy Weyts on the OFYR. Cooking on the OFYR is distinguished by its purity; there is no direct contact with the flames, so the food does not come into contact with smoke from burnt juices or fats. The design of the OFYR means there are different temperature zones on the ring, allowing any type of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables or fruit to be grilled.

The delicacy of the cuisine contrasts with the raw, open fire, which creates a very pleasant atmosphere. Our OFYR experience is the ideal formula for a select group.  Guy accompanies you on a culinary journey. You can either roll up your sleeves and actively learn how to use the OFYR or simply enjoy the experience and the many other activities during your holiday. It’s pure enjoyment in so many ways.