Chilling Motorcycle Skill Training with Chris Kusters of RinCC Motor Courses

This motorcycling course is taught by Chris Kusters. He is an experienced RinCC instructor who holds the necessary (international) certifications to teach this course, such as BMW Motorrad International Instructor (IIA), KNMV Certified Motorcycle Driving Instructor (KGI)

The group is split into two (maximum 6 people), and each group rides on the road with Chris for two hours a day. The course starts with some theory. There is a video evaluation afterwards. You get three days of intensive mountain and cornering training that will enable you to drive and control your motorbike better in a mountainous environment. For the remaining days, you can explore the enchanting surroundings of Domaine Barreaux using your new skills. Chris says this environment is ideal for turning everything you learned in the first three days into practice.


We start the training course with some theory, focusing on basic cornering techniques and a safe position on public highways. On the first day, we introduce you to the wonderful world of motorbike cornering in an inspiring, hilly environment. This day will mainly focus on driving smooth cornering lines, handling blind curves and your position on the road.

On the second day, things become more challenging. You get more and tighter curves, and we try a hairpin curve. The third day is all about driving under the instructor’s guidance to connect the dots.

During the course, we pay a lot of attention to viewing techniques. This is one of the most important skills. Full attention is also paid to controlling your motorbike in mountainous environments.

The RinCC instructor also pays attention to the following:

  • risk-adverse driving behaviour
  • dealing with other traffic
  • a smooth driving style

The RinCC instructor is always in contact with you, giving you tips via an earpiece. Footage will be recorded during the ride and used during the evaluation.

What do you need? A valid motorbike licence and a motorbike in good technical condition. Pay attention to the tyres; at least 4 mm of tread at the start of the course.

The price includes: Accommodations in a room with en suite bathroom, food and beverages during breakfast and dinner, towels and lots of fun. The price is based on double occupancy. A supplement will be charged for single occupancy.

You are welcome from 4 pm on the day of arrival, and your room should be vacated by 11 am on the day of your departure.

10 to 16 April | Chilling Motorcycle Skill Training

Maximum number of participants: 12

Price: €985 per person

18 to 24 September | Chilling Motorcycle Skill Training

Maximum number of participants: 12

Price: €985 per person